Dubai City Guide – Useful Tool For the Tourists

Dubai situated on the Persian Gulf coast, shares borders with Abu Dhabi in the south, Sultanate of Oman in the southeast, and Sharjah in the northeast. Dubai creek, a natural inlet from the Gulf, divided the city into two. Being located in an arid subtropical climate zone, it ensures year around sunny days. The modern city of Dubai has shown great improvement because of its recent development projects.

Real estate in Dubai is flourishing and considered an excellent place for real estate opportunities in the world. One third of the cranes are currently being used in Dubai for construction. Dubai has lot of things that have attracted several millions of tourists each year. Its superb amenities, excellent accommodation, festive lifestyle and several places of interest all have made it a fantastic place for tourist. Dubai city guide provides you the complete elaborated information regarding all about it.

Bur Dubai, an area popular with Indian and Pakistani nationals, is an old part of the city consisting of dated offices and apartment blocks with state of art office, residential and business complexes. Satwa, located in between Bur Dubai and Jumeirah, is a bizarre mix, where you can find numerous tailors and cheap food outlets. Close to Jumeirah, you can find largest and most expensive villas along the beach. Many western expats are visible roaming around the area. Near to it, is found ‘The Palm Jumeirah’, which is a man made island off the coastline of Dubai in the shape of a palm tree. One can come across many stylish villas and apartments on the beach in addition to excellent life style.

All such information is available in Dubai city guide, which is helpful to visitor coming for the first time. It helps him know more about Dubai city attractions, conveyance, rental holidays and others. It also narrates cultural background, history and modern and recent developments. Dubai city guide first of all takes you to the origin of its life style and civilizations. From a mere isolated desert land, earning from fishery and global culture to the most popular world economy hub and tourists’ destination of United Arab Emirates, it provides information of all its stages passed.

The city guide of Dubai helps you in searching for the following,

Dubai Marina
Flight to/from Dubai
Architecture Dubai
Rental vacation Dubai
Dubai Business center
Sight-seeing Dubai
Dubai Transportation
Dubai is the most happening city of Middle East comprising beaches resorts, shopping malls, glaring marina, and all other urban developments. Dubai city guide is one of the most useful information tools for the tourists.

By:- Nancy Eben

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